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Larry Williams – Brilliant trader or brilliant marketing instrument ? Click to view.

Money in Motion Tips on CNBC (XLS file) Something different, but nice to know. Three months of shadowtrading the forex “experts” on the CNBC show Money in Motion. Your loss from these trades depends on the amount you traded. To give you an idea I translated it to trading ONE futures contract with a $12,50 PIP value. Total LOSS $15712.50

Rockwell Trading insider, Infinity Futures employee tells truth (see tab “updates” for more info).





Live recording of disclosure of the Rockwell Trading scam (link to YouTube). A small comment or a “like” is very much appreciated. Helps others to stay away from scammers like Markus Heitkoetter. If you think I’m talking nonsense then feel free to say so as well.



Skypechat with Mandy Ditmire-Willits just after I got banned from the trading room. Seems I received a “discount” after all!




Screendump of the e-mail send to the NCL. Contacted them 3 times, never received an answer. Were they too emberassed and ordered Rockwell Trading to remove their name without letting others know?



Markus Heitkoetter works for Infinity Brokerage since ending 2011. Is he now doing client support for a monthly insult (salary) instead of using his own powerful strategies? January 2012 his contract was terminated.



Genesis (Trade Navigator) Now selling Money Making Strategies at a 70% discount! This MUST be good! Even the woman from Australia is a happy camper!




Infinity Futures giving 3rd party swindlers like Markus Heitkoetter and John Carter (tradethemarkets) a platform to recrute new victims.




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