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1. What is your approach in day trading?

I’ve been through several stages in my day trading untill I got to where I am now. In short it comes down to this:

A. Messing about – FAIL!

B. Using Technical Analysis (during my time with Rockwell Trading) – EPIC FAIL!

C. Using volume and price action (VPA) – Big improvement, but after 12 months of trading on VPA I have to admit that even with VPA it is just like playing heads or tails! You might have a good run like I had, but in the end brokerage and the occasional “no fill” on your profit target will make you lose money.

2. Were you able to find a good educator?

What is a good educator? I haven’t found one educator that actually teaches you strategies with which you can make profits. Neither did the hundreds of people who emailed me so far. Apart from winning strategies all the other stuff you need can be found for free on the internet. Your broker and charting software supplier are more than happy to teach you about the DOM-trader and different chart settings.

Ask yourself this question:”would I work from 9 till 5 at a company that teaches others how to make thousands of dollars through trading”? The answer is:”No”! You would buy their course, thank your boss for the brilliant money making strategies and start working from the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, in the end you will run out of savings and beg your boss to give you back your old job for a monthly insult. What the educators/vendors sell and teach on the internet doesn’t work and their staff knows it.

3. Do you use technical analysis (TA)?

The use of technical indicators is complete crap! See the attachment why.

Why is technical analysis nonsense

4. Did you ask Rockwell Trading for a refund?

No I didn’t. Why not? Asking for a refund means “I’m not satisfied with my purchase give me back my money”. Getting a refund means things are settled, case closed. That way I would not have been able to warn others about this scam.

5. Is Rockwell Trading’s seahawk strategy as bad as it looks?

No, it’s worse. Mr. Scam himself, Markus Heitkoetter claims you can use the seahawk in any market condition. With a 2 tick win/8 tick loss ratio and random market conditions this is what happens. You have an 80% winning- and 20% losing chance. Let’s take a look at this doing 100 trades in the ES (S&P future) with an 83% winning chance! So even better than the odds.

  • 83 x $25 = $2.075 win
  • 17 x $100 = $1.700 loss
  • Gross Profit = $375
  • Brokerage = $400 ($4 per roundturn)
  • Net Profit = $(25)

You can trade the SH very often so let’s say you take those 100 trades in one month. Now, who profits from this?

  • Broker Infinity Futures $350 (50 goes to Markus Heitkoetter as a thank you for bringing in a new victim. (For how long I don’t know, might be 6 months, 12 or…).
  • Rockwell $150 (100 monthly subscription and 50 from the broker. I’m not mentioning the initial revenues from their crappy courses).
  • Charting Software supplier $50 (Trade Navigator by Genesis. Brian Larson’s dad Glen Larson is the CEO of Genesis)
  • You MINUS $175!! (25 loss from trading, 100 subscription and 50 for software)

But a loss of $175 per month isn’t that bad so you keep on trying. Besides you have a lot of winners, 80% and that keeps you in an overall good mood. So you keep on trading. And that is exactly what they want. As long as you stay in the game and keep on trading everybody makes money! The broker, educator, software supplier…. Everybody but you.

6. Is the broker Rockwell Trading teams up with rogue?

Of course Infinity Futures knows about the practices of Rockwell. So in that respect they are! The obvious question rises again: Would you work from 9 till 5 at Infinity Futures while at the same time the educator (Rockwell Trading) your employer teams-up with teaches people how to make thousands of dollars? NO! You would buy the course, say “arrivederci” to your manager and start trading! Even worse, since ending 2011 Markus Heitkoetter is working for Infinity Futures, managing the one person German desk (see info under the tab “attachments” German desk closed after not even 3 months, great success). That more or less makes Markus the Mandy Ditmire of Infinity Futures, handling client support.

Where does Markus Heitkoetter find the time to do this? Running a company, flying to trade fairs, managing a trading room, hosting webinars, dealing with staff issues, writing his blogs, working at client support at Infinity Futures AND being a successful daytrader! Does he has his charts and DOM-trader on his cellphone!? Or did he take on the job because he needs the extra money to pay his mortgage? If that is the case why doesn’t he sit behind his computer at home and starts to use his powerful day trading strategies? I realy don’t get it!

7. Where can I check if an educator is actually trustworthy?

My first reaction is, don’t even bother to try to find an honest educator. “Why teach if you can trade”? But if you do want to search for a vendor that actually sells you money making strategies then here are some advices.

  • If it looks too good to be true, it is.
  • Always do a google search with the proper key words (scam, review, etc)
  • Stay away from “shopper approved” vendors. In this business those reviews are manipulated to the bone. E.g. take a look at Rockwell Trading’s shopper approved reviews. 99% Is about:”the goods arrived in time”, “I received my password in minutes”, “I will give you a review as soon as I use it”, “Thank you for the discount”, etc. No review about the contentents. So they get a 5 star shopper approved rating for delivering on time and giving discounts lol!
  • Ask for opinions of the product on a (day) trading forum. Though vendors are present on those forums themselves there should be enough people present to make you realize that something smells fishy.
  • See if you can find some actual results from the vendor. And I don’t mean results from a backtest or on a simulated basis. Ask for account statements, hard proof of those results, etc.
  • Are they trading live? And if so, are they trading multiple contracts? If their strategies are profitable with one contract, then why not trade with 5 or 10?
  • Ask for a free trial period and if indeed you are making profits under their wings, say you pay them double.

Don’t let the fact that you want that financial independence so bad blur your decision making!

8. Is Rockwell trading on a simulated (not live) account?

During the time I was trading with Rockwell they weren’t trading live. There are several devious ways to make trading look like live trading while in fact it isn’t. But let’s assume that the moderator is indeed trading live.

What happens here?

Rockwell Trading has promoted their strategies (pingpong, seahawk, boomerang, simple, fib and wave they keep changing the names for the same crap) for more than several years now. Markus Heitkoetter also promotes to use money management. Bottom line in this is to only increase the number of contracts you trade when you reached a pre-defined profit level. Makes sense.

Now, you would think that if Markus Heitkoetter’s strategies were profitable for over 5 years now they would  at least be trading 10 contracts. Adding one contract each 6 months. More likely, if they were really profitable they would be trading 20 or even more contracts after using their strategies for about 5 years! But no. No, Rollie White, Markus Heitkoetter, Mark Hodge and Brian Larson (moderator at Rockwell and son of Glen Larson CEO at Genesis trading software – Trade Navigator) haven’t reached that stage yet. Not even after using the “powerful day trading strategies” for 5 years now!

Why are these guys trading only 1 contract? It’s not that increasing the number of contracts changes the strategies! Is it that in spite of their strategies being profitable they like to leave these profits in the market? “Markus I can make more money if I increase the number of contracts”! “No Brian, stick to one contract I like to pay you your salary every month instead of you taking more money out of the market”. What is wrong with these guys? I mean they could at least donate the extra profit from more contracts to charity or something!? Their strategies don’t work!

Let me clarify this further.

Infinity Futures and Rockwell Trading team-up. You’ve already noticed on this website that the losses through trading Markus Heitkoetter his strategies can be limited (see this page paragraph about the seahawk strategy). This is to keep you in the game for as long as possible. That way they can increase their sales to you; “have another $4000 Personal Coaching Program”! Now let’s say that these trading “experts” make a loss of only $150 per month through trading that one contract. It could well be that Infinity Futures (Markus’ his employer since 12-2011) takes half of this loss. So they both loose $75. One, just one monthly subscription (fee $97) to their trading support room already covers this loss! Besides that. Why in h*ll would Brian be trading one stupid contract for about 5 years now during the golden hours (9.30am to 11.30am) if the strategies are profitable!? You would think that after 5 years he would know the drill! He could quit his job at Rockwell Trading, and start trading the exact same strategies with 10 contracts at home and make thousands of dollars for his own bank account!

Even if they are trading live, that doesn’t mean their strategies are profitable. As long as them trading live brings in enough victims to sell their crap to it will be worthwhile for them.

P.s. Markus his labor contract with Infinity Futures was terminated three months later in February 2012.

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