By Frits

June 2018 – Markus Heitkotter continues to lie.

Markus is now telling a story about me that I was an insurance salesman back when I joined Rockwell. Said I could not afford the Rockwell membership of $97 p/m. He felt sorry for me and let me in for free. But despite his good intentions I failed and did not get his strategies. Complete nonsense. I was never in selling insurances. But more important is the “letting me in for free” bit. I was a paying customer in 2009. But when the new year 2010 started they forgot to bill me. You can see that under the tab “attachments”. It’s called “skypechat with Mandy”.Rockwell Betaling 2010The good news for me was that even though it was a mistake Markus is selling as a special favor I got a “discount” after all. To support my story I added my CC statement from back then. The $97 payment from January 23rd 2010 was my last monthly payment.

October 2014 – Rockwell Trading team reduced to two members.

Yes you can see it on their website. Where the Rockwell Trading team used to exist out of more than 10 members it is now down to a meagre two. Markus Heitkoetter 2014-10 Diana Carreraand Mark Hodge are still in the virtual office trying to make some breadcrumbs by ripping off others. Yes they do have someone to answer the phone (shared front office in the Frost Bank Tower maybe?). Diana Carrera is her name (see image). Diana Carrera if you read this, go find another job. Having worked at a criminal company doesn’t look good on your resume. There is already some bad press to be found about Diana Carrera on To give visitors the idea they do have a team Markus Heitkoetter his brothers’ picture is still on the website. Apparently it doesn’t matter that he lives in Switzerland and runs his own scam through in Zürich.


September 2014 – Markus strikes gold again, NOT!

If we have to believe Markus he makes money in trading futures (ES, gold, currency, 2014-09 Binary Optionsoil, etc.), options, real estate, selling 3D printers, etc. And as if that isn’t enough the miracle man now makes money in trading binary options! Notice how all the info is written down in an Excel sheet. No account statement, no proof of success, nothing.

P.s. had to adjust the image a bit because of possible legal claims and a request from the Rockwell Trading lawyer Matthew Burr to WordPress to close my account. See a.o. post September 2013.


June 2014 – Rollie White closes his shop

Beginning this year Rollie decided to start his own scam (see post March 2014). A 2014-06 Rollie White Infinityfew months later he had to throw in the towel and became a salary slave at Infinity Futures. Typical career of a successful trader … He still communicates the same Rockwell Trading nonsense (range bars, bollinger bands, MACD, etc) without any proof of success.


May 2014 – Rockwell Trading for sale?

2014-05 for saleSome say this is about Rockwell, but I have no proof that it is. It does give you an idea on how these companies make money; they sell crap. About the yearly turnover, I don’t know if that is true. The gap between revenue and profit seems a bit small with just $130.000. The salary of a staff alone is already more than that number.



2014-05 for sale 1Look at the reason for selling, what a joke. Also interesting to see that just with a mouse click you are already on their lead list. All fully automated. This business has nothing to do with trading. It has everything to do with numbers. The more leads you create the more worthless DVD’s, courses, etc. you sell. And the more leads you can introduce to brokers so they can make money through brokerage.


April 2014 – Markus in real estate.

2014-04 Real EstateYes you’ve seen it right. Markus also makes a ton of money in real estate. And of course if you pay him he’ll show you how you can become successful in making money in the real estate market to. Click on the thumbnail. No further comment needed. What a con-man.





March 2014 – Rockwell employee starts own scam.

Remember Rollie White? His name is still on the Rockwell Trading website, but Rollie started his “own” trading scam as well, Trade Confident. But if you look a bit Trade Confidentcloser at the website it more or less looks like a copy of Rockwell Trading. Same website lay out, same vdo’s, etc. Just a different name; Trade Confident. Now what is Rollie White trying to establish with I seriously have no idea. I mean being a successful day trader using Markus Heitkoetter his strategies, why even work? Or more accurate, why work at Rockwell Trading and start your own business with Trade Confident? Does that leave time to trade at all? It just underlines the fact that these vendors aren’t making any money trading. All they do is rip you off with cheap sales stories. Look at the business address of Yes exactly the same as Markus Heitkoetter’s address at Rittenhouse Shore Drive in Austin, TX.

P.s. I made some adjustments to the image from the website, otherwise Rockwell’s lawyer Matthew (Matt) Burr will start nagging again just like he did before. See post this page September 2013.


December 2013 – Fun stuff!

I don’t know what happened, but I’m back on the Rockwell Trading spam list. Every week I get 2 or sometimes 3 emails about how some fantastic approach or indicator will make me money in the day trading business. A few examples:

–          ETF Trading Technique by some dude named Kirt

–          Weekly Option Secrets

–          Free Penny Stock Alerts

–          Exclusive insurance for my trades

–          Et cetera

Funny thing is they are all paid advertisements. But hold on… Markus Heitkoetter is actually telling people to go and seek their luck with his own competition? Has Rockwell Trading become nothing more than an ordinary advertising slut. A slut that sells its assets (emailaddress database) to other vendors in the branche? Yep. Another funny detail is at the Rockwell Trading homepage. Just like last Christmas Markus is still sitting at his deck overlooking the pool (which he just had since 2 or 3 weeks back in December 2012). His kids are still 7 and 9 just like last year. In other words, maintanance of the website is at an all-time low.

*Check google earth, Markus and his wife Constanza moved from 1002 Chardonnay Crossing, Leander, TX 78641 to 5905 Rittenhouse Shore Dr Austin, TX 78734-1401. The house on Rittenhouse Shore Dr. was sold for just over $500.000, that’s about €375.000 Not really the home of a multi million dollar successfull day trader is it? More info on the house on this website:

September 2013 – More take down notices from Rockwell Trading.

The previous update from this month showed you that Markus Heitkoetter is 2013-09-16 takedown noticetrying to shut down this website. Since that was impossible based on his argument Markus, together with a lawyer Matt Burr orders me to take down all the images that show copyrighted material. The Rockwell Trading logo and stuff (click image). The hosting company (wordpress) already disabled public access to this material. And since I don’t want wordpress to get in to trouble I decided to remove the images from the website. The good news is that if Markus his business was doing well he wouldn’t bother about this website. But it looks like revenue in the ripping off people business is going down. And since lawyers don’t work for free, costs are going up.

September 2013 – Rockwell Trading wants to shut down this website.

Can we get a bigger compliment than this? Markus Heitkoetter wants to shut Trademark Infringementdown this blog regarding the Rockwell Trading Scam on the basis of a trademark infringement (see image). WordPress however sees no reason to shut down my blog based on the complaint. So while Markus Heitkoetter was hoping to close down my website he gave me (and with that you as the reader) a big, big compliment. It means the blog is a pain in the a*s for Markus and his shrinking team of charlatans.

Also nice to know that this lawyer, Matthew Burr (Matt Burr from Austin Texas) Matt Burr (img LinkedIn)assists companies that are ripping people off. So a big THANK YOU from me to you for reading and sharing this blog. Rockwell Trading trying to close this website is definitely a sign that Markus Heitkoetter’s business of ripping people off through selling worthless trading courses is doing bad. And if Markus is ripping people off, what can we say about Markus his partner in crime John Carter (tradethemarkets, simpleroptions). Yep no difference between John and Markus.


July 2013 – Another staff member bites the dust.

Brian Larson has been moderating the Rockwell trading room for several years. Brian not RockwellIt appears that he has already left Rockwell since March this year. The question is why does his picture still show on the RWT website? It could be that RWT is on the verge of bankruptcy but keeps up appearances to sell the last of it’s crappy courses at a massive discount. Did Brian needed a second job to pay his mortgage? Is that the reason why he took on a job in the US flourishing real estate market? Or… Was Brian finally fed up with ripping people off. I wonder why his new employer Marcus & Millichap took the risk of taking on this swindler. Anyways, it’s more proof that Markus Heitkoetter and his team are nothing more than vendors. If they were actually making money with their strategies Brian wouldn’t have taken on a job as a salary slave. Nope he would have started trading from the comfort of his own home.

April 2013 – Mandy Ditmire has a new job.

Together with Steffany Nguyen, Mandy Ditmire used to deal with customer support at Rockwell Trading. Business went down for Markus Heitkoetter so Steffany left in 2011 and now works at “Certified Wedding Professionals Ass.”. I recently received an email that Mandy Ditmire now works for Simpler Options. A scam directed by Markus Heitkoetter’s partner in crime, John Carter! I guess business keeps going down for both Markus and John since one assistant can now deal with “all” the victims of 2 scams! As for Mandy Ditmire, she just can’t seem to escape from the business of ripping people off. Kinda hard to do, because who wants to hire someone that made a living out of betraying customers? About the results of John Carter’s Simpler Options trades. An overall loss so no surprise there. The Image shows the confirmation of a temporary subscription to John Carters’ worthless trading advice. Notice how even in the confirmation of cancellation they are trying to lure you in to buy something different. “Hey we know this subscription was crap, but why not try this”. Pathetic!

February 2013 – Rockwell Trading also sells 3D-printers!

Apparently the salesnumbers at Rockwell Trading had a massive drop. Because these days Markus Heitkoetter also promotes printers. As I am writing this I just can’t stop laughing, it’s hilarious and pathetic at the same time! I received the promotional e-mail from one of Markus his victims who is still in the mailing list. Check the thumbnail for the ad on 3D-printers. Don’t be surprised if one of these days your doorbell rings and it’s Markus holding a printer.

Two days after this great email Markus send out another email. The great sale has started at Rockwell Trading! Crap he used to sell for almost $1.300 is on sale for less than $500. Can you imagine what a rip-off it was when people purchased this for $1.300? Check the thumbnail for the totally worthless offer. If his business was more or less seasonal, than sure have a sale. But Markus Heitkoetter his powerful strategies don’t depend on a season. They never work. Don’t forget that Rockwell Trading teams up with from John Carter.

Januari 2013 – Rockwell Trading versus High Speed traders

We all know about the day trading educators like Rockwell Trading. The vendors on the web that sell trading courses and without any proof claim to be successful traders. Let’s take a look at high speed (HS) traders while keeping an eye on these vendors. HS traders invest hundreds of millions in:

  • Building an office right next to the exchange for shorter connections
  • Acquiring the most powerful computers that we can only dream of
  • Develop the most accurate trading software
  • Install the fastest cable network
  • Etc.

The result? These days they can execute a trade in UNDER 10 MICROSECONDS*. It takes 350.000 microseconds just to blink your eye. They make profits by actually front running the rest of the market, but in a more or less legal way. Still the profits from HS trading fell about 35% in 2012. That’s 74% below their peak in 2009. But, there is profit to be made. Now, I wonder… Why do these traders invest hundreds of millions while at the same time they can join Rockwell Trading or any other vendor and make great profits through the powerful strategies these educators teach/sell. The investment would only be about $35.000?

  • Buy a day trading course
  • Subscribe to a trading support room
  • Enrol in a personal training program
  • Live on your savings for 6 to 12 months to learn to mentally handle the market
  • Get a FREE e-book with lots of tips and tricks

So why do HS traders invest about $500.000.000 while they can be successful traders with an only $35.000 investment? Well these HS traders are professionals and they know that the $35.000 investment is money down the drain.

*Source: Bloomberg Businessweek Oct. 2012

December 2012 – Make the Trade live trading challenge 2012

The annual challenge sponsored by Infinity, Rockwell Trading and… Yep the CME! Make the Trade 2012In 1.5 hour trading sessions the scammers in the business take on eachother to see who is the best trader or actually who is the luckiest. Of course Mr. Scam, Markus Heitkoetter joined in as well. Take a look at the schedule and the results (click image). Up to the finals there were 12 trading sessions. Result: 1 Break even, 7 losing and 4 winning sessions. Gross profit: $225, gross LOSS: $2215. Net result: MINUS $1990 in 12 sessions.

In the end Tim was the winner. But what was his result in the final? The website Make the Trade 2012 winnerdoesn’t show it. My guess is that from both finalists Tim made the smallest loss. But only losses in the final, just like the overall loss during the contest isn’t great marketing material. Fact that even the CME sponsors this event shows you that the CME doesn’t care how you get to trading. Important to them is that you trade so they can make money.

November 2012 – Markus Heitkoetter seeks new victims in option markets

Without showing profits Markus claims to be successful in the S&P, 30yr T-Bond, Dow and €/$ future markets for several years now. Recently this scammer also started to claim to have found a way to succesfully trade oil and gold futures! And this month, well praise the Lord he and his buddy John Carter (tradethemarkets) even found a way to make profits trading options! For those who have received this spam email, you noticed the URL that quickly flashes through the address bar as soon as you click:”click here to watch the vdo”? You need to look real quick, but the URL is:

In there you’ll find the names of Rockwell and Infinity. So if you become a client through this link, the parties involved (simpleroptions, rockwell and infinity) will know who is responsible for you as a new victim and they can split up the turnover you as a new client will generate. Just another email going out to their address list hoping that a few suckers will take the bait. Of course this is nothing new in this business. It is the way educators direct you from one swindler to another while still getting a piece of the cake.

August 2012 – Markus Heikoetter and T3B Trading Systems in India

Markus Heitkoetter and T3B India joined forces to lure in new victims for their business. This event is on on 9, 10 and 11 September 2012 (Hotel Westin, Goregaon). Google T3B India and watch how the promotional website for this event doesn’t mention the name Rockwell Trading. No not even ONCE! Needless to say that you shouldn’t visit this event. In coorperation with some Indian traders I warned possible victims through the Indian trader forum TRADERJI. I mentioned my website in a post. It’s not a commercial website, I don’t sell anything on it. The only thing you can get there is free info and you can make a donation directly to charity. But I was BANNED by TRADERJI (check thumbnail). Negative information about educators is not what a forum like TRADERJI is looking for. Most of their advertisers being the same type of scammers like Markus Heitkoetter with Rockwell Trading.

July 2012 – Rockwell Trading moved to virtual office

Rockwell no longer has its office on 13033 Pond Springs Road Suite 201 in Austin TX. It is said that Markus Heitkoetter lost his lease on that office. Now they “reside” at 401 Congress Avenue, Suite 1540 Austin TX in the Frost Bank Tower. Reside is not the correct word to use, because they more ore less rent a PO-Box at that building. Google the address and see for yourself that there are tens of companies renting suite 1540! Including Markus his partner in crime John Carter from tradethemarkets. It is a so called virtual office or smart office. An empty shell with a receptionist. And if you want to invite clients to that empty shell you just rent an office for that day. That’s basically it, an office building with a great expression, good for the company image but nothing more than a PO-Box. Just another way to fool possible customers!

May 2012 – Rockwell Trading Germany dissolved

The German branch of Rockwell Trading no longer exists. Run by Markus Heitkoetter’s brother Tobias Heitkoetter (or Tobias Heitkötter), the latter decided to establish his own scam under the name Whitelink Trading in Switzerland. Nothing new there, still the same old tick charts and strategies with the use of MACD, Bollinger Bands, etc. But why change the name? Why change the “successname” of Rockwell Trading into Whitelink Trading? Is this the first step to completely let the Rockwell Trading name disappear and swop it for Whitelink trading?  For those who don’t speak German, in short the website says (click image):

– From April 2012 Tobias Heitkötter is in charge of Whitelink Trading.

– Those who followed their education through Rockwell Trading Deutschland can contact Tobias Heitkötter or Whitelink Trading.

– Markus Heitkötter was and still is responsible for the courses, books, webinars, DVD’s (and other vendor stuff) of Rockwell Trading in the USA.

This makes Tobias Heitkötter the fourth Rockwell Trading employee to leave Markus Heitkoetters payroll! From the original 9 only 5 employees are left today. Could it be that revenues are dropping since their scam is exposed?

March 2012 – Rockwell Trading and Trade the Markets join forces

Months ago I already mentioned that Infinity Futures gives swindlers like Markus Heitkoetter and John Carter (tradethemarkets) a platform to recrute new victims. You can see this under the tab “attachments”. And surprise surprise Markus Heitkoetter and John Carter joined forces! As Markus said in his email (click thumbnail) they combined their trading approaches and what do you know… Something amazing came out! The world isn’t fair. Some never find an approach that makes money, some have to go through hell and still have to conclude that they can’t win and others just combine two losing strategies and out comes a winner! And of course they already put it on DVD for you to buy! Regular price of this DVD $397 but… Yes you got it, it’s on sale now for only $197! They also decided to trade from the same office. I wonder, is me exposing the Rockwell Trading scam starting to hurt other vendors as well? Them sharing an office means they can at least share the rent I guess.

February 2012 – German Desk at Infinity Futures dissolved

Check the Infinity Futures website and see that the “German Desk” icon on their homepage is removed. November 2011 Markus Heitkoetter started working at Infinity Futures (see update November 2011 on this page) and not even 3 months later it appears his contract is terminated.

January 2012 – Rockwell Trading insider tells truth

I made a promise, now it’s time to deliver. Those who receive an email update from me about once a month already knew this was coming. Click the image with this article to see the email conversation between me and a Rockwell Trading “insider”, namely an employee of Infinity Futures. Let’s call this person A. My initial problem was solved but I decided to ask A.: does it actually work what Rockwell Trading teaches? A. answered:”shadowtrading doesn’t work. Otherwise I would be one”.

For those who don’t know; what is shadowtrading? Shadowtrading is taking the exact same trades as the educator does. Educator being Rockwell Trading in this case. So this insider A. who is an Infinity Futures employee isn’t trading with Rockwell Trading because he knows their strategies aren’t profitable. Then why is Markus Heitkoetter selling his strategies as “powerful day trading strategies”. Does Markus has his own dictionary in which “powerful” means “losing”? In fact, if he isn’t able to make profits with his own strategies, then how can he teach others!? You think a math teacher that isn’t able to make the calculations he wants others to solve will have a long lasting career?

This email is from July 2010, why report this now and not a year ago? Two main reasons.

1. A. was kind enough to warn me and I didn’t want A. to become a victim of that. I learned in the course of 2011 that A’s situation changed drastically so I can report it now.

2. Untill December 2011 I still had money in my account at Infinity Futures. Seemed like a plan to get my money out first, before nailing them to the pillory.

November 2011 – Markus Heitkoetter working for Infinity Futures

You can check the infinity site, but they might have changed it so you can also check the image with this article. It shows you that Markus is now working at Infinity Futures, managing the one person German desk. In fact he is doing more or less the same thing as Mandy does at Rockwell Trading! Working at Infinity Futures client support! Running a company, flying to trade fairs, managing a trading room, hosting webinars, dealing with staff issues, writing his blogs, working at client support at Infinity Futures AND being a successful daytrader! Where does he find the time to do all this? Does he has his charts and DOM-trader on his cellphone!? Or did he take on the job because he needs the extra money to pay his mortgage? If that is the case why doesn’t he sit behind his computer at home and starts to use his powerful day trading strategies? I realy don’t get it! What happened to (quote from his own website): “I had no time for friends, family, or the things that are really important in life. I realized I was stuck in the corporate rat race”. I don’t get it.

September 2011 – More misleading info

To trick those who look for an honest review on the internet Rockwell Trading built another website. How funny is this? Is Markus Heitkoetter getting desperate? (N.B. 2013 though the page shows up in google search results, the actual page is no longer displayed)

June 2011 – Another staff member bites the dust

Another face is removed from the Rockwell Trading website.

Steffany Nguyen  – Client Support

She was Markus Heitkoetter’s most recent addition to the team of scammers. Together with Mandy Ditmire-Willits she was responsible for client support. Guess the last few months the number of customers dropped considerably and her services were no longer required. We wish you well Steffany!

May 2011 – No more NCL promotion

The NCL (National Consumer League) is an organization that is active in the field of consumer protection. Since April 2011 their name is taken off from the rwt website. Since mentioning that organization makes rwt look more trustworthy I can’t imagine Rockwell Trading volunteered to take it off from the site. Check the image with this article for a screendump of what the website looked like when the name of the NCL was still on. Check January 2011 on this list of updates for more info about the NCL.

April 2011 – Successor Greaven Graham leaves after one month

March first 2011 Ryan Stewman ( took over the marketing activities. Mid March I send Ryan an email warning him for reputational damage when getting into business with Markus Heitkoetter. Surprise! Since April first 2011 Ryan’s email is replaced by an “affiliates” email address (affiliate program). Maybe Ryan’s task of improving the Rockwell Trading marketing strategy was done within one month? The whole affiliate program makes no sense. Why start up a website linked to Rockwell Trading while at the same time I can make thousands of dollars per contract per month using their “powerful day trading strategies”!? Is it that these strategies aren’t that powerful and I need to scrap dollars elsewhere?

March 2011 – Staff turns back on Rockwell Trading

We can speculate why they left or maybe they were fired, but fact is that these two guys no longer work for Rockwell Trading:

Greaven Graham – Marketing Manager

Dave Immel – Manager Personal Coaching Program

This is since March 1st 2011. Check the video of me disclosing the scam. I introduce the whole staff in there. Then check the rwt website under the heading “about us”. P.s. Steffany Nguyen was already working there at the time of the disclosure. I received emails from her (admin. stuff) since 10- 2010. Guess her face wasn’t in the “about us” section at that time because she just joined Rockwell Trading.

March 2011 – Affiliate members play along

Before I got banned from the trading support room I had a feeling that there were people in there playing the game along with Markus Heitkoetter. Calling out they made some good profits while other students and I were suffering losses. I discovered at least one of them was selling the Rockwell Trading crap in Australia through his facebook account. I wont mention his name, but have a look at the site: When I confronted this guy with it he told me he was going to remove the site. Well the site is still up!

February 2011 – Trading support room is shut down

The NOT live trading support room is shut down! In return you get a “trading room” in which the strategies or trades haven’t changed but interaction between traders now is impossible.

  • No more chat
  • Not being able to see what other traders (if any) are present
  • Not being able to see what questions are asked
  • No communication possible between traders
  • Questions need to be approved by the moderator first to be dealt with in the group
  • Etc.

One of the subscribers (unfortunately payed upfront for a couple of months) emailed me and told me Markus Heitkoetter said that the reason there was no chat or any interaction possible between traders in this new design was because of the software. Yeah right!

January 2011 – Involvement of NCL?

Rockwell Trading advertises here and there that they are a “member of the National Consumer League. Supporting them in their “fight against internet fraud”. Well I’ve contacted the NCL on:

  • 22 November 2010
  • 2 December 2010
  • 9 December 2010 and

Wrote them the following:

During the past 12 months I’ve been a client of a company that advertises with “we are currently a member of the National Consumer League”.
I have every reason to think that the practises of this company are a scam. My questions to you are:
– What does it take to become a member of the NCL? Is that a $35,- donation?
– Where can I find a list of companies that is in fact “member” of the NCL?
– Are members of the NCL allowed to advertise the fact that they are a member?

The NCL website gives you the opportunity to send a copy to your own email address which I did. Besides that I used the first email as a forward for the second and third email. So that the NCS was able to see that I had contacted them before. Up till today July 2011 I did not get ONE reaction, don’t expect one anymore either. And the NCL is fighting internet fraud? Click the image with this article for the actual emails.

December 2010 – Misleading potential victims

Rockwell Trading used to show a recording from their not “live trading support room” on the website homepage. To mislead potential customers that they are trading live in their support room they now show a recording of their once a month webinar. They trade live during this webinar. However, they trade their seahawk strategy which has a high winning percentage of about 75%. This same strategy has a win/loss ratio of $25/$100. To make $25 you risk $100. Limit your profits and let your losses run? Do the math on that taking 100 trades and you have 75 winners and 25 losers. Don’t forget brokerage! Because of the high winning percentage they can show small profits quite often. Good to get in new victims. When they suffer a $100 loss they just say:”it’s all part of the game”. A $100 loss during a monthly webinar is a small investment considering the fact that one new customer already spends $600 for their home study course. (April 2011 all vdo’s removed from homepage)

December 2010 – Rockwell Trading on Facebook

I used social media to warn people. Rockwell Trading has a Facebook account. Up till December 2010 that account was publicly accessible. Now it’s “members” (family, charlatans and personal friends) only.

December 2010 – Watch out for false reviews

There are a lot of sales orientated sites like:,, and Negative but honest reviews on these sites aren’t allowed. It’s bad for the sales numbers.

November 2010 – No more “week in review”

Rockwell Trading changed the design of their “week in review”. Instead of analyzing all their trades, leaving the losses out, they now only show you their “favourite” or “most interesting” trades. The new design makes a comparison like I did during those 6 weeks impossible.

November 2010 – Live recording of scam being disclosed

I posted the results of 6 weeks of shadow trading in the Live Trading Support Room (LTSR) on November 1st 2010. The total result of those six weeks was MINUS $857.50 per contract (excl. brokerage of about $450,-). During that same period Rockwell Trading communicated profits of over $2500 per contract. I was banned from the room, no discussion.

October 2010 – Forum is taken down

Markus Heitkoetter closed down the forum on the Rockwell Trading website. Now we as traders can’t exchange ideas and opinions about a.o. Rockwell Trading itself and their strategies.


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