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Tuesday 13th October 2009 I joined Rockwell Trading from Austin Texas USA. A year later Sunday 31st of October 2010 and I hadn’t made 1 US Dollar profit through their strategies. How did this happen? Read the article below. In there you’ll find some actual results of the 6 weeks I administered ALL of their trades, shadow trading. You can also have a look at this video on YouTube: From here on I will also refer to Rockwell Trading as RWT.

I started off by purchasing the online Home Study Course (currently named Ultimate Trading Course) which was on offer for only $199,-!

Besides that I subscribed to the Live Trading Support Room. Using the Rockwell Navigator as my trading platform in combination with the Live Trading Support Room gave me a nice discount so I started using the Rockwell Navigator as well. Rockwell Navigator is a spin off of Trade Navigator by Genesis. A company of which Brian Larson’s (moderator at RWT) dad is the CEO.

From the beginning I was well looked after by Markus Heitkoetter (CEO Rockwell Trading) and his team (Mandy Ditmire-Willits, Brian Larson, Mark Hodge, etc.). Daily (standard) emails, suggestions on using the Gold trading software with extra features at extra costs, offers on buying more several hundred dollar courses on DVD, suggestions to start a four thousand dollar personal coaching program, etc. I even was offered to become a Rockwell Trading partner, sell their stuff to my friends and get a percentage share of the profits! My thoughts were: ”let’s see what this is all about before I start spending money like crazy and get my friends involved”. After 3 months I hadn’t made one single dollar in profits. Not to worry I thought: ”you need to overcome your fear of the market and have patience and discipline”.

April 2010. I was trading, lost fear of the market and could dream (or was it a nightmare?) the Rockwell Trading strategies. But still no improvement in the balance of my trading account. Still only losses and as a bonus my brokerage fees made my bank statement look even worse!

Sure I had some profitable trades, but in the end I always ended up with a loss. Each weekend I received “The Week in Review” in which Brian Larson summed up the trades they took in the “Live” Trading Support Room (LTSR). Again Brians’ dad, Glen Larson is CEO at Genesis Financial Technologies (Trade Navigator).  99% Of those Week In Reviews showed a profit! I was close to a nervous breakdown! Asking myself: ”why do I always have to pick the losing trades”,  “why can’t I never have a break from this losing streak”, etc.

During the summer of 2010 I started looking for alternative trading strategies. Still I was wondering why I couldn’t make any money with the Rockwell Trading strategies while RWT showed profits somewhere between $100 to $1000 per contract in each “week in review”!

So from September 20th 2010 I started to administer each trade Rockwell Trading (Brian Larson) took in the “Live” trading support room (LTSR). Important to know that I have never seen them taking one, no not ONE live trade in the LTSR during those twelve months! They were just drawing lines with entry and exit points on the chart. Underneath you’ll find the results. After two weeks of losses in a row I decided to compare the results of the “live” trading support room with the results Rockwell Trading communicates in their week in review (WIR). Remember these results are based on trading just ONE contract in the following futures: E-Mini S&P, E-Mini Dow, EUR/USD currency and 30yr US-Treasury Bond. RWT communicates a weekly target of $400,- per contract.

Week   Result LTSR             Result WIR                Difference

38        MINUS $175             WIR taken off from server not able to compare

39        MINUS $292.50        WIR taken off from server not able to compare

40        MINUS $150             PLUS $1075              $1225

41        MINUS $370             PLUS $312.50           $687.50

42        MINUS $171.25        PLUS $612.50           $783.75

43        PLUS $301.25           PLUS $856.25           $555

I was banned from the LTSR (IP nr blocked) when I posted the results above on November 1st 2010. You can see the live recording of that event on YouTube: The weekly results underneath are from people in the LTSR who had the same thoughts as I had and emailed me the daily results. From which I calculated the weekly results.

44        PLUS $65,-                Incl. brokerage MINUS $10,-

45        PLUS $345,-              Incl. brokerage PLUS $270,-

46        MINUS $225,-           Incl. brokerage MINUS $335,- (22 trades!)

47        MINUS $480             Incl. brokerage MINUS $550,- (shortened thanksgiving week)

The difference between LTSR and WIR adds up to $3251,25 PER CONTRACT IN ONLY FOUR WEEKS (week 40 through 43)! This is excluding brokerage which add up to $75,- per week with on average 15 trades. These results were enough for me to realize I was dealing with a scam, The Rockwell Trading Scam directed by Markus Heitkoetter and his team! Making long term profits based on the Rockwell Trading Strategies is simply impossible!

“Stop trading when you reached your daily/weekly goal”! That is quite a good sales story that Rockwell Trading uses! As if when you realized profits the next trades will be losing trades and by the time you start trading again the winners will be back!? If you have an over all winning strategy you will always be a winner in the end. So when you see an opportunity according to your strategy you need to get in! If however, you don’t have a winning strategy and you are up you are wise to stop trading for that week. Enjoy your profits over the weekend and enjoy them good! Because with that same strategy the following week you will lose those profits again and more. However, if you close the week off with a profit now and then (week 43 and 45) you keep believing that there are opportunities with the Rockwell Trading strategies. Therefore you keep your subscription, buy some more courses on DVD, or even enrol into a FOUR THOUSAND dollar personal coaching program (price November 2010). It’s all aimed at keeping you in the game so they can make money through sales.

What disturbs me most is that people join Rockwell Trading, spend money on several hundred dollar courses and maybe enter into a four thousand dollar Personal Coaching Program.

 While they are trying to learn how to day trade according to the Rockwell Trading strategies they might be living on their savings. And after 3, 6 or 12 months they are left empty handed when it comes to a money making strategy and have a bank balance of zero!

I have no idea how long Rockwell Trading will exist after this story reaches the greater public. If they still exist while you are reading this and you have your doubts about this whole story I’m telling you, then join them! But I advice you not to purchase anything, just subscribe to the NOT Live – Trading Support Room. Start shadow trading them for a period of 6 to 10 weeks and see the results for yourself! Smart thing Rockwell Trading did is this. You have to buy the Ultimate Trading Course first “for only” $597,- (price November 2011) to be able to enter their Trading Support Room. So you spend about $600,- to see them make losses.

My advice is to stay away from everything that has a scent of Rockwell Trading, Markus Heitkoetter, his younger brother Tobias Heitkoetter (or Heitkötter in German), Brian Larson, Mark Hodge, Rollie White, Greaven Graham, Dave Immel, Mandy Ditmire-Willits, etc.


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